wip 3.19.11

road trip!
headed here for the weekend. stayed at glacier canyon lodge {option b}. was sooo nice. the walk to each of the water parks was a total haul. but we had a good time so who cares!

a crazy morning trying to finish getting everything packed. i was a total procrastinator this week. oh well. nick was cooking our pasta dinner to take with and had given ben some noodles to eat....

finally got everything organized and ready and headed off to meet at nick's aunt's. stopped at sonic for lunch. yum.

had a pretty uneventful drive. played lots of trivia. ben saw lots of airplanes. thank you ohare.

stopped at one rest area that did have a playground, which was nice, so ben could run around and get rid of some energy!

don't have any pictures of our rooms... not sure what i was thinking!
but i do have this one of a lot of stuff. mostly kitchen stuff. we were well fed!

friday evening, we walked around and checked out all three water parks, some gift shops, a bar, the play area, laser tag, and i can't remember what else. the place is huge!

after beaner went to bed, the kids {nick, myself, hailey, and megan} headed out to play some laser tag. had a blast! was much more fun than i thought it would be, even if nick did beat all of us!

saturday: water park{s} day!
ben totally wasn't sure what to think of all the action and water. he was very tentative, at first. once he warmed up to it, he didn't want to stop!

his favorite part was this one kiddie slide. i swear, he went down that thing like 50 times. ben went down it seated and on his stomach feet first. at one point, he held up his hand and said, 'momma. no. no. no. no.' he didn't want me to catch him! was totally being mr. independent.

found this on our camera when we got back from riding a slide, love it!

don't have any good pics of ben on the slide.
but here are some of my favorites from the day...
ben ended up shirtless because we changed locations and it was much, much warmer.

had to go under this little water spout every time we walked by it! he eventually would put his entire head under it regularly. ;)

checking out the little sprayers. love the whodi swimsuit. it's 24 mos... he's just a bit short!

that face.

again, with the pants.

family portrait. of course, ben wouldn't look at the camera for either take!


all prune-y at the end of the day. chilling and enjoying his snack and juice.

that evening we did play a round of golf and then came back to the hotel room for some games and a movie. i fell asleep...

the end.
after we packed everything up {in the crazy rain!} we went and played another round of golf. both courses they had were black light. different. and you could wear 3d glasses. we passed on that!

another family photo.

and wee man enjoying his sucker before we headed home.

the drive home was ridiculous. it was monsooning like crazy. thankfully, it wasn't snow!!

we had a blast. would definitely do it all over again!

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