wip 3.23.13

spent the day cleaning and running errands. i love having fridays to do whatever on. makes life so much easier.

thought i deserved a treat after all my hard work.

these are delicious! i'm rationing them... ;)

dropped ben off for a sleep over and nick and i headed to the boats with my family to celebrate my dad's birthday.

doesn't my shirley temple look so exciting?! i know, not the greatest picture.

deciding what to eat. one of these days i want to go to the steak house when i'm not pregnant. i did make that request with my parents. last time we were there, i was pregnant with ben.

was sent a few pictures through out the evening of what ben was up to. love it when that happens.

i wanted crab cakes. seriously. if you know me, you know this is not normal. i normally dislike any and all seafood. i can tolerate a crab cake now and then, but it was so serious, i almost ordered them as my meal... well, not these little guys. that was the appetizer version.

beaners enjoying some ice cream. ignore the red eyes. this post is going to be awful with editing. i tried in iphoto and i couldn't get them to look right manually and it wouldn't recognize them on auto... so bad pics galore. stay tuned.

my gambling fool.

the boys.
nick did well. ended up winning! love it when that happens.

wasn't too late of a night. came home kinda early and just enjoyed some quiet time.

the morning photo from gibi!

nick and i slept in... til 9! got up and worked a bit on ben's room. then we headed out to pick him up and head to an easter egg hunt. was a bit nervous because when we picked him up, he asked, 'are we going home so i can sleep?' that never happens. someone was super duper tired.

he did fall asleep for a bit on the way to the park. got a 30 minute power nap in so he wasn't too crabby!

had to skip pictures with the easter bunny. the line was insane. i was a little bummed that we didn't get our family photo. nick didn't seem to mind.

my sweet boys.

part of our group.

family photo op!

discussing their game plan.

just moments prior, jason had them all stretching. getting ready to run!

and they're off!

it was chaos. ben was lucky enough to get an egg. which had special treat inside. then it was time to go crazy for candy.

ben ended up finding a friend from school there, matthew.

then we headed to the park. ben was exhausted but wanted to play for a bit.

tori wins!

the coolest slide. the kids love this thing!

and a go on the roundy slide.

ben and i headed home and nick went to work.

look at this sweet sleeping boy.

woke up and wanted to draw. wish i could tell you he did the stuff in the red, but he didn't!

had a late evening of trying to clean and finish putting everything together for ben's room.
we made it! at about ten o'clock, so it was a late night for beans.

he was insisting on sleeping in his sleeping bag under the loft. nick was a little disappointed but considering he hasn't slept in a bed, sans naps with mommy, for who knows how long, i really didn't expect otherwise.

a view underneath the loft.

our lovely ikea bookshelves. the tv will go in between them, someday.

looking into his room. {there is now a tent under the loft that he sleeps in!}

his closet. we removed the bifold doors so we didn't have any problems with the stairs. the long fabric hanging in there, will be the curtains. :)

hanging out in his bed with all his stuffed animals.

went on to see how he was doing and he had made his way to the sleeping bag.

the balloon birthday tradition.

he woke up and asked 'who put those balloons there!' {he hasn't let us take them down and it's almost a month later.}

the last minute addition, a watch, was a huge hit!

we had to stop opening gifts, to put it on!


hot wheels. he wanted a purple one. and the three he got, apparently, aren't what he was looking for...

chewbacca the photobomber.


a doctor kit.

and a new leap pad!

ben wanted sprinkle donuts for his birthday. nick made a dunkin donuts run. they were all out of sprinkle munchkins so he got a big donut.

he's happier than the photo would let on. almost looks like a mug shot, doesn't it? 

enjoying his new leap pad.

went to go upstairs and saw that someone had placed their slippers on the landing. that kid cracks me up!

after nap, it was birthday party time!
we gave the kids balloons, jewels, and coins {it was a pirate theme}. of course, the balloons were their favorites!

cake time!
look! it's the pressners... a striped family. 

cheesers. i'm four!

we told ben he could eat the frosting. big mistake, he took a bite out of the candle. whoopsie!


and pressies!
we started with him sitting on the chair, that didn't last long though. nor did reading the cards... that was mom and dad's job.

some of his expressions just make me laugh.

he really enjoyed digging everything out of the big bag.

i enjoyed the totally adorable raincoat!

what's this big thing?

a lacrosse stick! {they're learning about lacrosse in his pee wee sports class at school. gigi is friends with mr. john, so she knew what was going on!}

he opened this one and wanted to stop to read the book.

checking out the cool card with stickers.

a cooper gift?! we don't do gifts. we do vacations and adventures. they broke the rules! but jay said winnie insisted...

ben was stoked. his own giant sword.

look guys, clothes!

his face... so great!

notice that watch from earlier?

and another hit, this teeny tiny wind up monkey guy.

i'm excited about monster jams.

whoa, a batman cup! with a straw... like mom's!

a cash register. {another big hit.}

came home and tried to unpack everything and just relax. was quite the weekend!

someone likes his new room and thinks this is an appropriate way to sit in his chair... sigh.

super dark, but he's reading me a bedtime story.

then he had to change positions so i could get a better look at the pictures.

can't believe it's been four years! it doesn't seem like it and yet it does at the same time!

and yay for us making it through a whirlwind weekend!

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