Its Daddy's turn to chaperone a field trip for daycare.  And this time we're going to... (pssst look at his shirt).

All the kids were waiting patiently for the parents to decide to stroll in.  You see, they told us to be there at 7:45, and parents were still wandering in at 8:30.  You know what? I sure as hell would have liked to sleep an extra 45 minutes too! But I follow the GD rules.  It's like they think they're doctors and their time is more important than the rest of something.  But we're sitting there waiting to leave and Ben was off playing with his friends.  I'm sitting there texting Shannon about these A-hole parents and a little girl comes up and looks at my phone and starts typing on it! I'm telling her, "No," and her mom is telling her "No, no" and she doesn't listen.  It's like no one is speaking to her.  And the mom does absolutely nothing.  Which is why she couldn't care less if someone tells her no.  Man if that was Ben I would have freaked.  But I digress.  Let's talk about the trip. 

Come on Dad, let's get this party started.

The first place we went was the cooking area.  So all the kids had to wash their hands. 

All waiting patiently.  The kids were, overall, really well-behaved.  They listened to the teachers and the guides very well. 

They made hot chocolate first, which Ben didn't drink.  And then some ice cream, which Ben didn't eat.  But he did like playing with his food. 



Ben and Andrew.  Hamming it up.

The guide read them a story.  I can't remember what it was.  I was too busy trying to get Ben not to sit on my lap.  But he loves me.  What can I do?

Ben picking his lip.  I don't know where he picked up that habit, but he does it when he's nervous or getting yelled at. 

After the story it was art time.  They were supposed to draw a snowman.  

Ben loves writing his name.  He still hasn't grasped the whole left-to-right thing though. 

 After they finished their creations they paraded their masterpieces around the room.  

Then it was over to the water table.  This is Ben's second favorite area.  The guide gave them all ice and had them see what happens when they put it under the water. 


And finally they had free time where they could go to any section.  Ben went to the ball/climbing area first, which is his favorite.


In the pretend play area, this is NOT Ben's mess.  Some kids took everything out and then left the area (with their parent).  Apparently the big sign that says to clean up after your kids didn't pertain to them.  These trips make me hate other parents.  So part of our fun was putting everything back.  yay.

 Ben was done and asleep before the bus even left the parking lot.  Funny story though.  One of the kids was sitting with a teacher and was sleeping sitting up and just slid right under the seat.  I was laughing so hard.  And the girl just kept sleeping as the teacher pulled her out from underneath.  Only kids can sleep that hard.  Or really drunk people.  

And that was the end of the trip.  Fun time.  Luckily I was able to get Ben to go back to sleep when we got home or the rest of the day would have been rough.  So he and I played video games after he got back up.  It was a great dad and lad day. 

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