the real estate agents around here are nuts! we are trying out for sale by owner and the big names will NOT leave us alone. fliers in our mailbox. business cards stuck in our door. phone calls about why we shoud list with them. we even had a neighbor introduce herself to us after four years while wearing a remax tshirt. subtle lady, very subtle...
oh my goodness. seriously. that is not helping your cause. if i wanted your help, i would have asked. and we did. we talked with an agent when we first discussed selling our home. but if i can save $20,000 in fees, i fully intend on doing so. i mean i understand that your business isn't going so well right now. that the market is kinda slow but that doesn't give you the right to bombard us with crazy messages and letters and random interruptions of time with my hubby and our family. i might consider using your services if we were pressed for time. but we aren't. we are just kinda feeling things out. seeing how it goes. not sure that they understand that whole thing. not sure i want to take the time to explain it to the 10-15 people we have already heard from.
i hope this insanity ends soon!


Lisa said...

Ugh what a pain. Hope they get the hint soon.

Susan said...

I've been dealing with a ton lately, you can tell they're lying because their lips are moving! I wouldn't have used one either if I had the time, you're right the fees are outrageous!