tis official.

the house is on the market. as of yesterday. already had one drive by that we know of... unfortunately, we didn't have the sign up because nick was cutting the grass. hope they will drive by again!
our neighbors are a bit ticked. have had their house on the market since like january. haven't sold it yet. are asking way crazy price, in our opinion. was a little miffed that we did by owner and for way cheaper than theirs. made him even more upset when we told him we didn't care if it sold or not. wanted to see what would happen.
i mean don't get me wrong. i would love our house to sell quickly. but if it doesn't and we have to wait a bit and put it on the market again next spring, that's fine by us. our lot doesn't have to be paid off for three years. not sure on the rules of the new subdivision. but oh well. and we've figured that we can finish our basement if we need to help out his dad and girlfriend and her daughter. we will make things work. i'm not going to worry.
so phew! still have the scrap room to organize. it took the brunt of the 'if we don't know where to put it, shove it in here for the time being.'
also did a lot of organizing for the garage sale. hoping to get to the little things like ribbon and stuff like that too. we shall see!
have a ton of dt projects to do for rsc. due the 15, ack! the joys of being a procrastinator! thankfully, i did complete a few digi pages!
had the family over yesterday for mom's day. nice times. good food. great company. no pictures! hoping to veg out the rest of the day. okay and get some work done, but i would really like to just veg!

oooh, maybe i can squeeze in some yoga today too. our instructor keeps telling us we need to find time to practice at home. agreed. i did do some pranayama {think that is how it's spelled} aka breathing at lunch on a crazy work day. felt much better. she's even told us we should start taking more advanced classes. totally diggin it. such a lazy girl's activity, lying on the ground, stretching. my cup of tea!
happy mom's day to all you mommies out there in blogland! ;o)


Kache said...

It's nice to not have a rush on the house. So what happens if it sells right away, where do you go?

Good luck on the garage sale

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house, and the garage sale.


Heather said...

good luck with the house! such a relief for you to have no rush :)