wip 4.6.13

after a pretty chaotic afternoon, nick and i headed out for some grown up time. ben's teacher, miss shelley, had been asking to babysit him for months. it was the first time we left him with a non family member! and we had to pay! ;) totally worth it though. he loves miss shelley!

nick and i went to cooper's hawk for dinner. just wasn't the same not being able to do the wine tasting before our meal. we really lived it up and had some fancy lemonades!

dinner was good. was nice to just talk. things had been so hectic that sometimes it's easy to disconnect.

i got play doh updates from miss shelley. {i cannot stand the smell of play doh.} she had bought ben some in his birthday pressie. so they played for quite some time. and apparently, she loves the smell... weirdo! ;)

we saw gi joe. was pretty good. i'm not much of an action movie kinda girl but usually we see those kind of movies at the theater and save the rom coms and other genres for home viewing. i think bruce willis is getting cuter with age. i know, i know. whatever. judge away. i wish that joseph gordon levitt was in it. and more channing tatum. but the rock was in it, so that helped! and he is totally growing on me.

nick left early to go to work. ben asked to watch lacrosse on tv. he's learning about it during his pee-wee sports class at school. thankfully, i was able to find some. he sat there for a good 35 minutes watching

nick came home, and then got called out to work almost immediately after.
ben and i took the time to enjoy a snuggle-y nap. after our naps, we headed outside to enjoy the warm weather. it was just so gosh darn windy!!

decided to use the wind to my advantage and let it blow bubbles for me!
i even found another bubble wand and ben's holster for his sword, and let him pretend the bubbles were bad guys and he ran around popping them for what seemed like forever!

yay! daddy's home!
they tried out a kite. who knew it could be too windy for them? they gave it a valliant effort, though.

that evening we lounged around and watched the final four. ben wanted to watch some of 'his shows' on the computer.

i tried to read. just couldn't get into it. i'm thinking i won't finish a book for a very long time now. just can't get into the mood.

nick was so into his book. was trying to find time to read it whenever he could. i believe it was battle royale. i might try to squeeze it in before baby. maybe. nick really enjoyed it.

tried on his new birthday clothes. some body is short. ;D

then met the cooper clan to see the croods. was a last minute idea. so glad it worked.

after the show, we hung out and talked and the kids had fun playing in the photo booth.

there was a camera on the outside of the booth. once the kids figured it out, they were hamming it up. would like to know what was going on behind that closed curtain!

ran a few errands before we headed home. someone was super slap happy.

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