ten on tuesday 5.14.13

- why must body builders be orange? or that insanely dark brown?

- heard someone say that he 'bred his wife.' ew. really? she's not a horse.

- was trying to type aggressive. ended up singing that old high school cheer to figure it out. yeah, i'm a dork.

- had a patient tell me that her pixie from fannie may almost brought her to orgasm. seriously. what is wrong with people??! funnily enough, the lady sitting next to her replied, 'there's fanny may?'

- found a new breakfast of the moment: english muffin with tomato and avocado {a little salt and pepper}. totally tasty!

- i am beyond obsessed with my new app purchase. highly recommended. especially for $0.99!

- nick listened to our house voice mails today. the first message was from 2/18. oops!

- i dislike stinky people. especially when they should know better. and don't blame it on their smoking status. good hygiene is good hygiene regardless of their inability to smell.

- got a new camera for mom's day. need to figure out how to get it hooked up to the wifi. yay for easier photo sharing.

- i guess it's technology time in the pressner house. debating a new laptop. can't believe mine is 5 years old. it's dying a slow death and we're hoping to purchase before that happens.

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