ten on tuesday 5-28-13

- i could not work at a pain clinic. bless those who do.

- so excited that school is out for the summer in one more day. makes my communte a wee bit easier!

- we have ben watching sytycd. it's awesome when he gets up and dances along.

- purchased a few plants for our garden boxes and deck planters... hoping the weather cooperates and i can get them planted in the next few days. {poor ben was watering dead plants the other day!}

- got back from a walk on the beach with nick's mom's side of the family yesterday... gigi {nick's mom} said, 'i'm pooped.' ben turned to nick and said, 'daddy you go check her butt.' could not stop laughing.

- the new camera and phone and computer are all hooked up. hoping to get some blogging done tonight. yay for new electronics that will hopefully speed up what has gotten to be a super lengthy process, which is why i think i've dreaded doing them for the past few months.

- my girlfriends are the best. had a 'baby sprinkle' thursday. was surprised, contrary to their belief!

- and the above bullet, has made my baby list a wee bit shorter. feeling like i have a few things if baby bug decides to arrive early. which i'm not hoping for...

- love the new coffee mate girl scout creamers: thin mint and coconut caramel. surprisingly, i like the thin mint more!

- another new grocery favorite of the moment: jalapeno philadelphia cream cheese. yum. a bit spicy though, so be warned!

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