ten on tuesday 5.7.13

- i dislike hash tags. i've only purposefully used one once. the other time it was automatically added for me.

- i think i'm officially a coffee snob. i can no longer stomach mc donald's coffee.

- wish i worked longer hours in the winter and shorter ones in the summer. ;)

- asked my patient if she had been experiencing any fever or chills. she replied, 'i had an egg mcmuffin.' what? seriously? thank goodness another coworker over heard. no one would have believed me. and she had to walk away because she was laughing so hard.

- speaking of patients, why must they cough on me? or any of us, for that matter. it's gross and germy. and you know better.

- ever since someone showed me this video, i can no longer listen to the song without laughing. if you're amused by it, there is a whole compilation of popular songs that features that darn goat.

- this peanut butter banana bread was pretty tasty. nick wasn't a fan. but he isn't a fan of bananas. took it to work and it was a hit. i didn't try it with the glaze.

- ben wouldn't try the above mentioned bread. he said he likes peanut butter on his jelly sandwiches and bananas by themselves. sigh.

- so nice to have my little man back to his old self.

- my desire to spring clean is in full effect. or maybe it's nesting. either way, cleaning makes me happy!

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