The one with hives, and fever, and strep throat, and fifth disease

It's always a bad sign when Ben crawls into our bed in the middle of the night.  It is usually a sign that he is sick.  On 4/18 he came in to bed somewhere between 4 and 5am.  When I woke up I touched him and knew immediately that he had a fever.  Took his temperature and it was 102.7  Yikes! He had been extra whiny the last few days and now we know why.  Luckily my part-time pharmacist was working that day so I was able to take off work.  Ben seemed fine other than the fever so I wasn't too worried about it.  The fever was gone on Friday, but Shannon kept him home from daycare since he had the fever on Thursday.  He didn't have a fever on Saturday Ben went bowling on Saturday for Brianna's birthday.  He loved it.  He asked if we could go again sometime.  Then Sunday he woke from his nap with a fever of 104.  Ugh.  We wanted to give him some Tylenol because he was miserable and complaining of a headache and he wouldn't even let us touch him because his skin hurt so bad.  But he wouldn't drink the medicine because he wanted the blue one.  (We don't have and never had any blue medicine).  So Shannon squirted some blue food coloring in it.  She went a little overboard and ended up dyeing his teeth blue.  But it worked so that's what matters.  Shannon couldn't get off work on Monday so I took Ben to work with me so I could do my work real quick and then I took him to see the pediatrician.  Turns out Ben has Strep throat.  I can tell you he was soooo not a fan of the throat swab.  They may have traumatized him.  If somebody tries to put a swab in his mouth anytime soon he'll probably break down and cry.  So he got started on antibiotics Monday afternoon.  Tuesday and Wednesday grandma stayed home with him.  Still had a fever Wednesday night.  Thursday the fever was gone.  Yay!!! But Shannon still stayed home with him on Thursday since he had the fever within the previous 24 hours.  Then Friday through Sunday we went to the Wilderness Lodge with the Coopers.  Monday Ben went to school and after school we noticed his cheeks were a little red.  Booo. I gave him a bath and his whole body broke out in hives.  More boo.  But they went away after he cooled off.  And then the red cheeks got worse and then it just exploded all over his body.  Little tiny red bumps from the tips of his ears to the soles of his feet.  Thankfully it didn't seem to bother him too much.  Talked to the pediatrician about it.  We ruled out allergic reaction since it wasn't hives and it didn't itch him.  Then he was thinking Scarlet Fever but he asked me to send him some pictures.  Gotta love the Smartphone age.  So I sent him some pics and we came to the decision that it was Fifth Disease. 

Fifth Disease is a rash illness caused by Parvovirus B19.  It is also called erythema infectiosum.  It is most commonly seen in children and is so named because it was fifth on a list of common historical rash illnesses seen in children.  Unfortunately it's contagious, but that's before you see the rash.  So that may have been the reason for his prolonged fever even though he was on the antibiotics.  The good news was he could go back to school since it wasn't contagious anymore.  Apparently Fifth Disease was going around Ben's class in daycare the previous week, but we didn't know it because he was out with the Strep.  Apparently he got it the previous week and it just took that long to see the rash present itself  But we kept him home Tuesday anyway just because he looked awful. 

Poor peanut.  He was itching his face a little bit.  I asked him if it itched and he said, "No." But when I asked why he kept scratching his face he said, "The bugs keep tickling me." Gotta love kids.  He went back to school Wednesday even he still looked awful. 

Thursday he looked a little better. 

Now it's Monday again and he looks a lot better.  Still has some residual rash to his arms, but his face, trunk, legs, and feet all look pretty normal.  The good news is he'll have immunity to the virus in the future so we won't have to worry about future outbreaks. 

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TracyDacy said...

Poor Ben. I'm glad to hear he's on the mend.