ah mexico. part dos.

up and at em bright and early.
nick enjoying room service and a book on the balcony.

good morning.

waiting for our pick up.

here it is!

we decided on the tulum - xel-ha excursion. we got a bit of culture and some fun activity mixed into one! {chichen itza would have been neat. maybe next time. it's three hours there and three back. super long time to be on a bus!}

here we go!
it was hot. or maybe it was the humidity. so glad we went early in the morning. i can't imagine what it would have been like at noon!

walking through the tunnel into the ruins. those mayans were pretty freaking impressive.


yup. we're sweaty!

look who is holding a ruin! {jamie, notice the headband!}

can you see the face?

giant iguana.


looking down at the beach. seriously. the sand/ocean combo kills me. so gorgeous. we didn't venture down since it was so crowded.

hi pretty flower.

yay a non selphy shot of the two of us. thank you stranger!

there were a ton of cool trees.

walked back to the shopping area. nick found fresh coconuts.

he's excited.

this guy kept calling nick, nick cage.

he liked it.

thought it was funny to see the bottom of the refrigerator full of coconuts!

my turn. it was okay.

look, dairy queen. no, we didn't try it. it probably would have been like $10 a blizzard.

made it to xel-ha.
love that they have the mayan calendar countdown. it's actually crazy that they had it planned so far in advance. glad we did the tulum tour. made me a bit smarter!

hammock city. i could live there.

pretty. seriously. i know i keep saying that but it was amazing. my pictures really don't do it justice.

let's go snorkeling!

looking out of the cave.

under water shot.

loved their little signs.

flippers are hard to walk in! and i forgot how flippers give me the worst toe cramps. ugh!

some pretty fishies. visibility wasn't the greatest. kinda don't expect too much with a million people kicking up all of the sand.

found some rope swing.
nick's turn.

then he insisted i did it too, so we could snorkel through this cave.

another under water shot. this one is a bit creepier, i think.

natural lazy river, yes please!

the trees are so cool. loved floating through all of the roots.

there was a rock wall where you could jump out into the water. nick wants you to know that he didn't use the rope. he actually climbed the wall. every time.


boys being boys on the rope walk.

funniest moment of the trip.  i laugh every time i see this picture.

we almost swam with the manatees. decided we didn't want to rush through anything, so we didn't schedule it. and then when we made it through the water portion, we were tired and wanted to be lazy in the hammocks. ;)


night time snackies before dinner. and the olives had seeds! even though they were the little olives?!? what?!

got all cleaned up and headed out to dinner. thank you ro-ro for my target dress. or thank you ernesto for bringing it home for me!

yay we don't look as crazy red as we did before!

 phew. long day!

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Kache said...

Nick cage lol
Loved all the pics, especially the snorkeling ones.