wip 8.11.12

nothing too exciting. had a nice lazy evening as a family.

fair time! we debated going friday evening, so glad we didn't. will totally go early saturday from now on! not too crowded and the weather was perfect!

one of ben's favorite places: daddy's shoulders. ;)

he loved watching the horses. we watched them two separate times.

the kid is a sweet tea-a-holic.

pony rides. he loves them. and i think the pictures prove that!

then we checked out some tractors.

lunch time. nick got a giant turkey leg. i ate some fried cheese. yum.

it was demolition derby day. i grew up watching them. thought ben might enjoy it since he enjoys dirt and cars!

these crack me up. he refused to look at the camera. was too busy watching them make the mud.

we watched a few races. it was figure eight style which was new to me. {pretty self explanatory...}

it got a little loud at one point! {and the girl in this picture was splattered with some mud. it was serious. so glad it was her and not me!}

ben asked to leave early. he wanted to ride some rides.

still enjoys trains.

and he would live on the giant slide all day long if he could.

beans wanted to try the trampolines.
i think he was excited to try it!

he did pretty good considering he has some short little legs!

ran into some friends. was nice for ben to have some buddies to ride with.

i think he rode a few more rides and felt a little more adventurous, or safe, having his friends with him.

my face is awful but i love that ben is waving.

roller coaster! nick snapped this on his first try. i'm impressed.

walking with momma.

we were there late. wasn't sure how he would do at the end. ben was a champ. however, he asked nick to pick him up as we were walking to the car, and he was out in like 2 minutes. sweet boy.

what not to wear to the fair...
the pants were see through. the picture does not do them justice. maybe that's a good thing. seriously, what was she thinking? ew.

sleepy kins.

apparently, the 20 minute nap was a power nap. the kid was loaded with energy when we got home. wanted to play baseball with his new bat that he won earlier in the day.

he's pretty good! i see some tee ball in our future!

crazy kitty passed out on the couch.

and i passed out on the couch. so should this say, crazy momma on the couch?
nick snapped wee man giving momma a good night kiss.

next thing i knew it was 2 am! what?! a seven hour nap? oy.

we asked ben what he wanted to do. the options were a bike ride, swimming at grandma and grandpa's, or going to a park.

should have known he would choose the swimming option!
he refused to wear his life vest. yay for a husband who was willing to watch him like a hawk!

ben insisted that nick throw him. and throw him. and throw him. kept telling him to do it higher!  nothing like giving his momma a heart attack.

meet the cute kitties my brother found. nick so wanted to take one home. but i really didn't want to split them up! so they're currently still living in my parent's back yard. i believe they are going to a new home tomorrow. ;)

love our floaty rafts. ben loves just chilling in em!

it was cold. i didn't even get in the water, so i give nick tons of credit for hanging out and being a super daddy.

the boys took a quick dip in the 'hot pool' as ben calls it. 

that evening we had an impromptu dance party during the closing ceremonies of the olympics. 

loved a relaxing evening home. loved not having a schedule either day.

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