ten on tuesday: 8.21.12

- had a complete bad cooking/baking day last week. went to make some of val's awesome zucchini bread, and i had no sugar?! what is that? then i went to make a new grilled cheese recipe, and the cream i was to use was curdled. and no, it wasn't past it's expiration. sigh. wasn't just meant to be in the kitchen that day...

- i think i figured out my problems with biographies. it's the quotes. do they know that they're going to write a book about their life in the future? do they keep a daily journal of all of their conversations? because i sure as hell can barely remember exact conversation from five minutes ago, let alone a conversation, verbatim, that happened 20 years ago.

- nick and i will be sitting in the car quietly and randomly we will both belt out a lyric. so strange. seriously we do it almost every time we are in the car together.

- i'm sad that the fresh cucumbers are gone. ;(

-  nick's car wouldn't start monday morning. he called me when i was like 10 minutes from work! had to turn around and head back home. twenty minutes later, he got it started. then i heard about this from a patient....hoping will have his car back thursday at the earliest.

- am grateful that nick's work and my work are in the same direction and that ben's daycare is now on the way to both of them. makes it easier having only one car and not having to borrow one from someone while nick's car is being repaired.

- now that summer is winding down, i'm starting to think of some home projects. nick's gonna be busy! ;)

-when ben's feet hit our wood floors this morning, he complained and asked why the floors were so 'coldy' and took off running for the carpet. so cute.

- nick ate breakfast for dinner tonight. might be a first. i couldn't believe when he agreed to start dinner and it was a fritata.

- started thinking about halloween costumes! i love halloween.

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