ah mexico. part tres


some random shots of the property

rented a beach cabana. so nice. and i have no clue what drink this is... i only remember that it wasn't very tasty. ;)

nick wanted to head out and participate in some of the daily scheduled activities. they started with a kayaking race. staff vs. guests. the staff kicked their butts. they totally have the advantage, i mean, how many people have kayaked in open water before? not many, i'm sure.

our beach side home for the day.

i ventured out on a walk while nick played some volleyball. the views are stunning. these pictures, again, do not do it justice.

stopped to take a few pics of nick on the way back to our cabana. {he's the one jumping in the black shorts.}

the huts all in a row.

beachy feet. i can't help myself! sorry!

time to cool off in the pool with some bevies.

look ma, no hands!

hello swim up bar.

the walk back to our cabana.

and another beverage. no, i don't remember this one either.

pretty shot of one of the pools at night.

bottled coke in our fridge. i had been sticking to water but i needed something sugary today.

back to our spot to chat with beaners.

the front of the resort at sunset.

someone is ready for some teppanyaki.

hung out in the hammocks after our dinner.

ventured out to the beach. tried to get some fun night pics. i failed. and there are sand particles in every picture. the brightest white one is the moon, i think.

it was so nice we decided to do it again! and we signed up early enough that we had our name on the outside of it today, fancy.

it's just so pretty.

playing in the sand.

the sand didn't get hot. i guess there is a coral reef not too far away. so the white sand isn't really sand. it's coral.

the guys cleaning the beach. no wonder it was a top ten beach in the world. {and if i posted this already, sorry. i'm writing these kinda far apart and can't remember what i have shared.}

my pretty new ring. thanks love. it's awesome. it changes between green and blue. i believe it's tourmaline.

seriously. i cannot stop. but say hi to the cruise ship way out there.

some one had to play more volleyball. ;)

the clouds were amazing. not sure if it had to do with hurricane ernesto that was getting ready to come ashore.

although the clouds were pretty ominous. it didn't rain a drop by us.

happy yet sad. can't believe it's our last day. chatted it up with some random groups that had rented cabanas as well. the guy made us take this picture. why not?

so peaceful.

the rains finally came.
we had just walked out into the open and the skies let loose! it was so funny. and wouldn't you know it was the night i wore white. {figured i would be tan enough by then!}oh and the only night i wore my wedges and not flips. we hung out under a palapa until we decided what to do. funnily enough, the resort has random buckets with umbrellas in them scattered through out the resort. i'm pretty sure those got some good use on this night!

the bummer was that there was a huge beach bbq down on the beach. so everyone was drenched and they weren't expecting everyone to bum rush the restaurants to eat. we managed to dry off a bit and head to dinner and the wait was only like 30 minutes. not too bad!

sad face. enjoying the last of our balcony.

it's early. can you tell?

one last look at those lovely swim outs. maybe next time.

our room.
would totally recommend that location/building. was kinda in between everything. a few minute walk to the beach or to the main lobby.

i think he liked it.

apple yogurt. dear yoplait, please distribute this in america.

the bathrooms. no paper towels. only wash clothes. and the bathrooms all had scentsy like candles in them and they smelled wonderful.

the lobby in daylight!

reading 50 shades on the way back to the airport. and i would suggest cancun shuttle if you're ever in the area and need transportation.

this girl found a wind farm! can it be called that? there was only one. noticed it on the way to the resort, was hoping to snap a quick pic on the way back. success!

the best shot i could get of the airport.

a mexican candy bar? i'm in. dude, it was plain chocolate. lame.

the most expensive burger and fries. well, aside from burger bar and we knew that was gonna be expensive. so maybe i should say the most unexpected, expensive. $27!

nick splurged on extra leg room.

i enjoyed it!

the flight was good. i slept the majority of the time.
no problems with customs or the limo pick up and traffic was a breeze.

made it home to our wee man in no time!

he enjoyed the giant sucker we got in the airport for him.

so good to be home. missed that cute little face! ;)

all in all, the trip was great. i think the food could have been a bit better. as well as the service at some of the restaurants. found that we had to wait quite a bit for some of the courses. i think breakfast was the best. staff included. despite those complaints, i would go back in a heart beat and would totally recommend to anyone looking for an adults only vacation. oh and i loved the handouts we got nightly with what would be happening throughout the resort the following day.

and a huge thanks to my mom for watching ben. we appreciate you so much. xo!

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