ah mexico. part uno.

just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back. seriously. such a great vacation. beautiful. relaxing. was a perfect little getaway. and the timing couldn't have been better. we needed it. well, maybe me a bit more than nick considering he had just gone rafting with the boys.

i try to regularly schedule days with nothing. yes, i put nothing on our calendar. well, i try to. life just gets so darn busy and i want to make sure we take time for us. ;)

we have now vowed to vacation with just the two of us at least once a year. doesn't have to be a huge getaway. maybe just a weekend some where. but we are going to try to make it a priority.

and yes, i'm posting this in sections. i have a photo problem and apparently an editing problem too! ;)

so glad we didn't fly out sunday. totally worth missing a day there to enjoy shannon and craig's wedding.

we were up super early. the limo picked us up at 530! poor beans. we woke him up to say goodbye. an hour earlier than usual. but we didn't just want to be gone when he woke up.

the limo was great. yay for friends with connections. made it to ohare with no delays. and were able to check in and pass through security pretty quickly. we try to not fly out of ohare but with international we didn't have much choice.

his and hers starbucks. yes, i put his sleeve on my cup. seriously, why don't they put them on iced drinks? it gets cold!

had a pretty uneventful flight. yay for no turbulence and good pilots. i still am not a fan of flying but i'm getting better, i think.

checked into our resort and made it to our room by about 230pm. another bonus of this trip, same time zone!

the view from our room. ;)

we were starving so we hurried up and changed and headed down to eat. our first bebidas of the trip? coronas, of course! ignore the crazy crop. it's what you get when i'm holding a drink in one had and trying to take a picture with the other!

there were iguanas everywhere!
and they were quite friendly. not sure if that's the word. brave. adventurous. crazy.

here's one checking us out at lunch.  they aren't afraid to get close.

and then he hopped up on the chair next to me!

watching some parasailers from our table.

our first view of the beach. the staff always had fun little events through out the day. i believe this one was long jump.

swings at the bar. yes, please!

pretty drink by the beach. i have no idea what it was called but it was no bueno!

fun with shadows. i just can't help myself.

there we are!

{jamie, i thought of you when i took all of my feet pictures! :)}
nothing better than sandy toes, white sand, and sparkling blue ocean.

we just sat on the beach for a few hours and read. nothing crazy exciting but we were tired from all of our traveling!

some room shots.
looking from the bathroom to the bedroom.

from the sitting area to the rest of the room.

the most awesome-est room service door. they open it and put it in from the outside and then you put it back in there when you're done. no gross food on the floors. way nice. oh and the 'do not disturb' button. it turns a light on outside so the staff know not to bother you. brilliant!

had a heck of a time connecting to the internet. we almost paid for it in our room. glad we didn't because it was so spotty. something with the towers. so we just ventured to the lobby twice a day to check in. and made a point of calling ben every evening and giving him the option of face timing us {when we could due to the connection} or just chatting.

the lobby.
seriously, pictures just don't do it justice.

the fun lanterns outside a few of the restaurants in the main building. i want them. not sure when i would put them? maybe above our island? but i want them!

had to wait for the mexican restaurant. so we wandered to the bar and tried to figure out the internet. this was before anyone could explain to us that they were doing something with the cell towers.

hers: a lychee martini. {yum. last time i had one was vegas. more places need to serve them!} and his: some unbelievably sweet drink that tasted like a green apple jolly rancher!

the dinner service was a bit slow. or maybe we were so exhausted that it seemed really long. we could barely keep our eyes open by the end of it. i think we were back in our room by 11!

our morning trip to the lobby.
they had book exchange stations throughout the resort. pretty neat!

the view at the front of the resort. there is a small road way off the main road that leads to the resort. we later learned, that they kept it one lane to increase the square footage of the resort. pretty smart!

another iguana hanging out by the spa.

we decided to sit by the pool today. well, the non infinity pool. the one with a swim up bar!
our spot chair-side looking up at our room. i actually think i'm a building off. but we are the second from the top on the far right. ;)

more olympic activities.

today was synchronized simming.
the one group was awesome! they even dove into the pool. was hysterical.

mango tangos. highly recommended. ;)

when we stopped at the front desk to check out the internet issues, look what they had sitting out... luke! now we have that article in print!

ahhh. this is the life!

i was too lazy to get out of the pool and eat my lunch. that's totally acceptable on vacation, right?

really, i just didn't want to get out of the water period.

i'm obsessed with this view.


the pool winding down.

they had a fire and ice dinner and show. we thought, 'why not' and ventured out. were seated at a table with an irish couple {yay accents!} and a couple from california and her parents. such a fun bunch.

i got our room right this time! third floor. far right!

a shot to kinda show the rooms with the swim outs. which might be worth it next time. to be able to swim at night... maybe.

a better look at the swim outs. and it seriously seemed like there was no one in them whenever we went by. day or night.

i kept seeing this 'brown' river from our room. couldn't figure out what the heck it was. there is a fountain that starts near the main building and it snakes down to the main pool.

still white! ;) selphy while we were trying to find the brown river.

here's where it started.

time for face time!

nick showing ben where mommy and daddy are staying.

time to go to dinner.

they had a huge buffet set up. and after dinner, there was a fire show on near the 'brown' river. dude, i need a new name for it. it sounds so dirty. i just can't help it. that's what i called it!

it was hot. i mean, it's mexico, in august. i wanted to cool off, so i decided to stick my feet in the water. totally started a trend. our table mates even came and joined us.

we sat and chatted with tanya and justin, the california couple, for hours. i guess there was a bonfire on the beach after the fire show. we were too engrossed in conversation to realize it. headed to the beach at like midnight. sat for another hour or so. yay for good conversations and new friends.


we moved to the infinity pool after breakfast and scheduling massages and our lone excursion.
yup, that's fifty shades of grey.

told you i'm obsessed with this view.

tanya and justin came and visited us for a bit before they had to leave and catch their flight home. she introduced me to an 'iceburg'. corona with frozen margarita on top. and to make it even better, you add a grand marnier shot.

left the pool early to go have his and hers massages. they had a hydro-circuit that you could do prior to your service. we headed over an hour early to check it out. holy cow. it was an experience. you start with a sauna. which it's already hot and humid, but sure, let's go sit in a boiling hot room for five minutes. then you showered and headed into a steam room. zomg! the room was almost torture. it was like mint or eucalyptus scented. it hurt to breath or move. they had a shower in the room. i tried it. but if you moved out of it even a little bit, it burned! and no, i don't think it was because we were a bit burnt. after the sauna you showered and then dipped into an ice bath, then to a hot bath. holy was the ice one cold! okay, maybe it wasn't really ice but it was effing cold! then you could hit the circuit. they had a giant pool with different jets for different parts of your body: legs, back, shoulders. then you finished in a hot tub.

then it was time for massages. ;) we both did swedish. we both drooled. nick said he repositioned so he stopped. i didn't care. it felt soooo good. so relaxing. wish they had super fancy spas like that locally. would totally splurge every once and again.  

couldn't decide what we wanted to do for dinner. went to check out the seafood and steak places. the full moon was so neat. the sky was clear and it was so bright. totally recommend planning your trip around full moons! ;)

they had little tables set up next to the pool. we just had to buy a bottle of wine. {those all inclusives can be tricky.} and you could order from both the steak and seafood restaurants if you sat there. otherwise, it was one or the other.

we did it!
and check out that moon! yay nice waiter who knew this was a photo op!
oh and our wicked sun burns. i don't care how much we reapplied, the sun got us.

the wine was tasty. it was some mexico blend. i can't remember exactly. but i did keep the cork!

again, we turned in early.  didn't want to be up too late. had to be up and early for an excursion the next morning....

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