ten on tuesday 8.28.12

- told my coworkers that someone might be dropping something off for me in a small elephant? i meant envelope!

- i think that nick and i are going to carpool 2-3 days a week. i guess this bp fiasco could have been a blessing in disguise.

- finally got nick's car back... only took a week. had to wait for them to get the darn fuel pump. finally got to them yesterday. and they didn't even fix everything. it still has to go back for a few random problems he had prior to the fuel fiasco.

- i love cleaning when i'm stressed.

-just found out about google.com/pacman

- have christmas shopping on the brain.

- keep thinking about a line in this book. i don't remember it exactly. but it had to do with the turn over rate they had in the business. and the one chef said that a new person had to be there three months for him to make an effort. i kind of get it. it's hard when i've worked with all of my coworkers for at least 6-7 years. a new person cannot expect to just fit it. it took time for us to build that comradery.

- trying to remind myself that everything happens for a reason.

- saw a lady wearing knee pads while driving her motorcycle?

- accidentally called my patient named 'virgil' virgin. soooo embarrassing! thankfully, he laughed. as did the rest of the waiting room! and yes, i laughed at myself too. can't take life too seriously. ;)

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