august pinterest party: balloon wreaths!

we skipped august. i was kinda sad about it, but it totally worked out in the end because i probably wouldn't have been able to go on the day we had scheduled.

we just carried over july's project to august. balloon wreaths.
i didn't buy the craft wreath or straw wreath. saw this idea to use foam. had nick stop at the home improvement store and pick up some up.  the stuff he bought was a bit thin, so we just put two together. viola. wreath for $2! and we could make it to whatever size we wanted. ;)

here we go!

my type a self had a bit of a problem just putting this balloons on there all willy nilly. i finally got over my fear and just started pinning away!

work in progress. we didn't have enough balloons to cover the back of the wreaths. {we had 1000 balloons for the four of us. just in case you're interested in making your own.} i think i might buy some more balloons and fill in the sides and middle a bit more. depends on what it looks like when it's hanging on the door! might hang better with the back being flat?

jamie bought some dirty looking balloons.

had a ton of pink and red left over. we tried using them as much as we could. and there were like 10 purple ones in the entire lot of balloons. maybe jamie's phillipino balloon supplier has something against purple?

the final project.

if you make these, maybe wrap the foam wreath entirely in duct tape. seemed to help when we were pinning and then it prevented the foam from twisting.

happy crafting. ;)

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