ten on tuesday 9.4.12

- why do people say that they are going to 'touch bases' with someone. isn't it touch base?

- cannot stop thinking about this book. check it out. and if you're local, i own it and would be happy to share. ;)

- joined a fantasy football league last minute. i swore i wasn't gonna join. but a few certain people twisted my arm. and when nick found out i caved, he joined too. now he's in two leagues!

- nick just dumpster dove... he went to take the garbage out and came back with a storage bin that one of our neighbors had put out! {we saw it walking back from the cooper's} it's kinda nice. gonna have to check it out in daylight though.

- so we were excited that we finally got nick's car back from ford. he drove it to work on friday, and when we were heading out on saturday, nick happened to stick his head under the car as he was fueling up and all of a sudden gas just started pouring out. le sigh. taking it back to ford this week.

- in good 'bad gas' news, meijer sent nick a gift card and a letter expressing their apologies. i was impressed. they also said that he could submit the repair bill to them, but that was before we found out we could have ford bill bp directly.

- thinking of signing up for some household products with amazon's subscribe and save. thank you miss jamie! and is it wrong if it's razors and slim jims! :P

- my girlfriends make me laugh. nothing like an evening with them to soothe the soul. nothing like coming home with sore abs from all of the laughing.

- bought chewy a new catnip toy this weekend. he has batted it under the stove three consecutive times in the past 5 minutes.

- love that ben now gets the concept of teams. whenever we're watching a sporting event, he asks who do we want to win? he then proceeds to pick based on their uniform color! except when it's bears. then we don't give him an option! or the sox, bulls, or purdue!

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