ten on tuesday. 9.11.12

- i yelled during the purdue game this weekend. ben turned to me and said, 'you scared my ears momma.'

- ben will ask which team is the good guys/bad guys, so he knows who to cheer for.

- something will happen and nick will turn to me and say, 'put that in your phone for your ten on tuesday post.'

- i dislike that people are losing their sense of responsibility. you made the choices and decisions to lead you where you are. no one should have to pick up your pieces. {unless it's a complete emergency, then i get it. but when it's something that could have been planned ahead, i'm not gonna help you and i don't think that anyone else should either. maybe if you've tried on your own. but if you can't even make an effort? nope.}

- an example of above bullet:  white sox lawsuit. now i don't know all of the specifics, but this totally caught my attention. why can't the guy that was in the car with the drunk driver take responsibility for agreeing to get in the car with an inebriated driver? why is it acceptable to just blame someone else? wasn't he wrong for letting his friend drive?

- ben was sick this past week. tried to take his temp orally. he refused. said, 'no i want it in my butt.' sigh. must work on getting him to do it orally!

- nick and i figured out that i'm a commitment-a-phobe. probably deserves it's own post. lucky for him, it doesn't apply to our relationship. xo!

- made an oops at work... went to call my patient in the waiting room and i said virgin instead of virgil. :blush: the entire waiting room laughed as did virgil and his wife. thank goodness they are regulars and it wasn't a new patient.

-i think our neighbor has the most annoying voice on the planet. it's so whiney and loud. some days i want to close the windows and turn the air back on so we don't have to hear her!

- had a patient today complain that a cop gave him a ticket. said he should have had a free pass because he has cancer and diabetes? what is that? again, with the sense of responsibility? tried to explain that there are a lot of sick people in the world. that yes, it is unfortunate, but it doesn't give him the right to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. i swear sometimes my patients are like my children! ;)

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