wip 8.25.12

no pictures. spent the day at home cleaning. then we went shopping as a family. love when i don't have to shop by myself. and then when i do shop with them, i miss being able to shop alone. a girl is never happy, right?

nick and i decided to have a pinterest day. ;)
we picked a few projects to do with wee man and ran out to pick up the ingredients. once we were home, we got to work.

first project: bean bags.

ben loved being able to pour the beans into the funnel.

was a bit tricky to get 3/4 cup into my balloon. i think someone didn't blow it up enough to stretch it out. ahem, nick.

ben took a picture of the finished project.

i think they were a hit. cheap and easy. and it was a ball, so ben loved that!

after naps, we decided to get messy.
paint balloons!

we had made the cornstarch mixture inside, then let ben add the food coloring outside.

i had the job of filling up the balloons with water.

time to splat! would definitely add more cornstarch and less water into the original mixture since we added so much water.

once we ran out of paint filled ones, ben asked for just water balloons. of course, i obliged.

we played catch...

see you can see that it was a bit watery.

action shots.

i think he's enjoying it.
and check out that hair cut. he looks soooo different!

more action shots.

i was being a spectator. some grown man decided i should be wet too...

after dinner, we headed out back. ben found this balloon/helicopter thingy and wanted to try it out. perfect way to spend some time while nick grilled dinner. {lots of food this weekend was picked off of pinterest. nick was hungry when we were looking for activities. those recipes will be in a separate post.}

he loves that captain america shield. he slept with it the first day he earned it!

next project. marshmallow shooters.

these things are awesome! they really launch the marshmallows. the mallows are not allowed inside. gonna have to pick up some pom poms so we can use them indoors in the winter. would be great to have some point areas in the grass and see who could get the most points. or shoot the farthest. super fun and not too high maintenance. we doubled the cups for support and to hold the balloon in place.

the bean balls make perfect juggling balls. nick wants to make a few more!

his hair is sooo short!

once ben was asleep, nick and i played skip bo. we haven't had a game night in ages. wanted to do more stuff with just the two of us.

here's the black and white shot {the picture was awfully yellow.} and despite kicking his ass for the entire game. nick came back and won. i guess the game is played til 500. nick scored 35, so i think it's gonna be an ongoing game.

went to check on beaner before bed.
had to ask nick if he put the bean bag in his bed with him. he didn't. ben did it all by himself. i don't know how we didn't wake him up with our laughter.

i had asked nick to help me change the sheets. he 'put them in the dirty clothes.' one of his habits that drives me batty is putting the dirty clothes next to the hamper.

this was the perfect time for me to show him that i don't make this shit up. ;)
the hamper isn't even close to being full, so he cannot justify it being on the floor for that reason.
i told him that i had to take a picture and this was his response.

another lazy day.
tried to stop by the farmer's market but they were closing up shop when they got there. i think they were afraid of some rain. ben was unbelievably disappointed because he wanted cheese.

nick and i had pulled some stuff up from the basement. for goodwill. or craigslist. or garbage. {really want to work on finishing it this winter.} found some luggage of my parent's. drove it by and ben decided he could fit in it and wanted to go for a ride.

peek a boo!

my mom insisted on receiving fly swatters for her birthday present. ben wanted to get the lone fly that was buzzing around her house.

enjoyed the rain by running around the neighborhood with his socks on!

i think he realized they were a bit soggy now.

that's better!


while dinner was cooking, we played some uno moo. such a cute game. totally would recommend it for little ones. chewbacca even got in on the action.

the best, most dangerous dessert ever. they remind me of the smores that you could microwave back when i was in 5th grade. so good. i only bought two! i think i need more. ;)

headed outside before the rain to take some pictures of the basement stuff for craigslist. ben wanted to climb on the pilates thingie. {i'm a good sales person. i swear that's not how it is going to be listed!}

cute piggies.

home made red velvet brownies for dessert. nick's request. ben didn't like the mixer. not the greatest picture. nick has crazy face and it's an awful yellow hue. but ben's facial expression is totally worth it.

and because the yellow was so awful. a black and white.

perfect weekend with two super cute boys. xo!

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