good guys wear black.

we are big sox fans in this house.
had the opportunity to go to a game this season. couldn't pass up free tickets. was a little tricky considering the game was on a tuesday {9.4.12} after the holiday weekend. {our busiest time at work.} but we made it work and were able to get up there with plenty of time to spare.

ben figured out how to prop up his movie player on his knees!

ben didn't want to walk around. he wanted to watch the players on the field.

after a long walk, we found ben a tshirt, hat and he insisted on owning a pink, wooden bat.  couldn't convince him to get the black or silver one. oh well, if pink makes him happy, then he'll have a pink one! then we couldn't get him to change into his new shirt. oh well, at least he's in black and white!

found our seats. only 9 rows up! nick was really hoping to nab a foul ball.

there was no one at the game. {yes, this picture was taken early. but it still seemed like attendance was way down.}

thought this was pretty cool.

pregame band was pretty good. apparently, he was on the voice. 

play ball!

had a really long inning. i tried to entertain ben. we sang, 'swing batter batter swing' and 'we need a pitcher not a belly itcher.'

he ended up falling asleep. so strange for him.

funniest picture ever. nick trying to snap a pic of ben asleep on momma. look at the concentration in his face. hysterical.

that one is better!

had a few insane innings. lots of scoring. wish it would have been by the sox...

he's up! i guess he had a quick power nap.

the stands really cleared out after the 10 run inning. 

trying to pass the time. {i decided to wear ben's new hat.}
ben only wanted to stick out his tongue. wouldn't agree to any other funny faces.

enjoying some fairy floss. 

the moon coming up over the scoreboard.

game over. 

they tried for a come back. i mean, 27 runs in a game, that's a lot. at one point we were googling the most in an inning. thought maybe we would see history!

the weather was perfect. traffic there and back was a breeze. so glad we were able to fit in a game this year. and for free!

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Carrie said...

okay, I've never heard of cotton candy called fairy floss before! love the blue tongues :)