wip 9.8.12

nick's dad's band was playing at a local casino. we decided to drive out there and support him.

it was a great time. late night. nick lost money which was bad, but then we stopped at rally's and that made things a little bit better!

ben enjoying his new shark game.

and our house in disarray. usually ben is pretty good about picking up his toys before taking something else out. not today!

he wanted to watch something on the computer. 

and then was obsessed with lotion. convinced him to put some on momma's legs! 

then we headed outside.
nick tried to get the kite to fly. no such luck. the wind died down a little too much.

then he decided to tackle the weeds in our garden boxes.

ben was helping him. he thought hitting them with the bat would kill them.

the weeds were serious.

ben and i found a grasshopper. 
ben thought he should take a picture of momma with the lil guy. {pretty darn good picture,  no?}

i convinced ben that the grasshopper should sit on his shoulder. the squeals he made every time it jumped was hysterical. 

nick won.

i had the craziest desire to color. so i printed out some coloring sheets and we all set up shop at the table. ;)

our works of art are now proudly hanging on the pantry door. totally think we should have more coloring nights. something about it relaxes me!

a lazy morning.

then we headed out to an open house at the animal clinic. had to see dr. cooper at work! ;)

ben was a fan of his car seat not being in nick's car. he would sit in it every morning before school and today was no difference.

the open house was nice. they had goats, and games, and grub. {how's that for alliteration?}

this working dog was giving rides. 
braiden and kiersten were in partners.

and wynn and ben were paired.

after going to look at the goats a gagillion times. he finally decided he wanted to feed them.

holly had the cutest boxer puppy. almost made me want a dog.

we stood outside talking for quite some time. ben ended up falling asleep on me. {that never happens!}

came home and had some shut eye.

uncle kevin stopped buy and he and nick made a dq run. 

we spent the rest of the evening being bums and watching football. so happy it's back. however, the stress of fantasy football, i could do without. why, oh, why did i agree to play?!

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Kache said...

Great pictures of Ben with the assorted animals, and of Nick 'dancing'!