wip 9.1.12 labor day edition.

nick was stuck at work late. lots of last minute holiday stuff. we had planned to go to my parents and enjoy the pool for one last time, but he didn't get home until like 630.

don't have many pictures. this is my favorite from the evening.

the rain cancelled our plans for meyer's specials with friends. so we rescheduled for another weekend.

headed out to run a few errands. the boys played a bit of frisbee in the rain before we left.

nick wanted to take ben to the comic book store. thought he would get a kick out of it. i don't think ben was as impressed as nick had hoped he would be!

decided on an unhealthy lunch from a nearby gyro shop. nick got distracted and came back with gyros and greek hot dogs. the hot dogs were delish. feta cheese and tzatziki sauce might be my new go to toppings. ;)

not the most appealing photo, but i promise, they were good. 

ben insisted that all of his 'guys' should eat lunch with us.

got a last minute call from my bro asking if we wanted to join him at a railcats game. free, box seats? yes! had a bit of an incident on the way out. we had just gotten nick's car back from ford. he drove it to work on friday and we were going to take it to the game so we could pick up a few of my brother's coworkers to use the parking pass. kevin and i run inside at the gas station and come back to nick shaking his head. apparently, for some unknown reason, he was looking under the car as he was pumping gas, and all of a sudden, gas started pouring out of the tank. had to turn around and take the car home and pick up mine. seriously. {the car is now fixed. after another 4 days at the dealer. ugh.}

made it to the stadium without any more problems. and on time!

ben was excited! however, he kept asking, 'is it over yet?!

a view from our seats. 

family photo. cheesy beans. i promise there is a better one later. 

wasn't very crowded. i'm not sure if it was because the weather had been so crummy all day or if it's always like that. 

the skies were scary at times. but the weather cooperated. only a few sprinkles. 

ben enjoyed cracking the peanuts. 

and wanted to hang out with uncle kevin as much as possible.

the mascots make their way through the entire stadium. thought it was pretty neat that they visit every one in the box seats as well. ben was beyond excited!

bean's facial expression is the best. ;)

 time for dessert cart. ben wanted 'sprinklers' on his ice cream.

stole a cherry from daddy's.

time to be silly with whip cream.

and now back to the game. 

nick bought some balls to through onto the field. i guess if you get them in certain areas, that are marked, you can win items. no, he didn't win anything! we didn't realize it was timed and didn't get down there quickly after the game. by the time we got to where we could throw them, there was like 2 minutes left! 

would definitely go to another game. so kid friendly. loved that it was a smaller venue. everything wasn't ridiculously expensive.

ben stayed awake the entire time. even on the way home. went to drop off my brother and he asked to go see the kitties. we did. got back in the car and i was for sure he would pass out. nick and i were chatting. and ben would interject here and there. i noticed that ben had been quiet for some time. told nick that i'm pretty sure beaners just fell asleep. thought he might have made in the 5 minutes we had to drive to get home. all of sudden, ben says, 'no guys. i'm not sleeping.' so funny. nick and i could not stop laughing. love that he let us talk about him. was he snooping? love that he referred to us as guys. 

a lazy day.
ben didn't want to nap. finally passed out on nick.

i love, love, love that he still sleeps like a baby. always has his butt up in the air. 

found goonies on tv. ben was hooked. nice distraction while nick and i made dinner.

nick and i watched step up. i thought it was for the first time. i was wrong. didn't realize it until a bit in, so we just ended up watching the whole thing.  and i can't believe how different channing tatum looks!

the labor day parade. our second annual outing. had to go since we didn't do any parades for the fourth of july this year.

someone was ready for candy!

here we go kids. 

still a little loud for the wee man at times. 

lots of fire trucks. lots. 

one of my favorites. ;)

the amount of candy we collected is insane.  

family photo op.

they stopped the parade at this point. had to get an ambulance to somewhere on the parade route. had heard that a kid got hit by a car that was in the parade.  not sure that this was ever confirmed....

game on.

i love old cars.

 making our donation.

it was hot this year. so different from last year. nick dumped some water on ben to help cool him off!

a flying carpet!

the end. ben guarding his frisbees. we play with the ones we got last year at the parade regularly.

and balls?!?! 

asked ben what his favorite part of the parade was. his response, 'the balls and frisbees.' awesome.

ben and i got to enjoy a nap afterwards. nick had to go to work. 

walked to the cooper's for an impromptu gathering. so good to just chill with friends. nothing fancy. just letting the kids be. 

apparently, the girls tired ben out. he almost fell asleep on the walk home! 

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