ten on tuesday 9.18.12

- just curious... is it momma or mama?

- love that nick will log onto my pinterest account to pin basement ideas. love him!

- ben wass getting a bit overzealous with 'may i be excused.' before sitting down for a meal, he would ask, 'maybe i be excused to get on please?'

- had someone use upmost instead of utmost. seriously, it's like nails on a chalk board.

- not sure how much posting will happen this week. we're supposed to be switching to electronic records and it's been quite an adventure. might need some time away from a keyboard...

- my fantasy team took a beating this week.  terrible. five of my players had a combined point total of seven. i think nick got beat in his one league by 50+ points {maybe 70?} so i won't complain when i lost by 30. {his opponent had reggie bush who had a freakish 30+ point game.}

- thankful that i had a day off last week for ben's first field trip {separate post someday...} or i would have worked for 11 days in a row. way different from the 4 i'm used too! gotta love mandatory weekend training.

- ben told me he was gonna let his food 'warm off'. he was referring to some fruit that was too cold for his liking.

- looking forward to this weekend. hoping the weather cooperates.

- cannot decide if i want to read this book... i'm afraid even if it's brilliant, it won't be harry potter.

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