ten on tuesday 9.25.12

- i am no longer winless in fantasty football! i managed to win despite my one running back getting me -2 points! and my defense only scoring 1. thank you seattle for stopping aaron rodgers. ;)

- ben told me he wanted to do gymnastics the other day. he then proceeds to do a somersault, stands up, and says, 'perfect ten.' where the heck did he get that?

- had to do a prior authorization at work last week and the lady i was speaking with would not stop mouth breathing into the phone. it was awful. i could barely hear her. was so close to ask to speak with someone else who wasn't an obnoxious mouth breather.

- i want to make a doorbell that will not ring if someone pushes it more than twice. {i really would like it to short circuit and shock whoever is doing it but...} last week, i was napping on the couch and nick was giving ben a bath. the doorbell rang and startled me out of my nap. i didn't get up and answer it. it rang again a few moments later. i finally got up and when i got to the door whoever was ringing it was gone. so i sit back on the couch, try to get settled in for a few more moments of shut eye before bath time is over. and as soon as i sit, the door bell rings in like rapid fire mode. at least five dings. zomg. heart attack again. turns out our neighbor's daughter really wanted to deliver something to us!

- these nfl refs are ridiculous.

- have a new app obsession.

- ben played with an etch a sketch tonight. he was mesmerized. i might need to purchase one!

- happy for last minute visits with friends who are in town with their new baby. :)

- nick and i are recording a few new shows this season: revolution, the mindy project, and the new normal.  i'm having dvr anxieties! 

- sometimes i think it would be better to not be updated hourly with information that is constantly changing. that maybe giving us updates every few hours would be less confusing and more time efficient...


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