ben version 3.5

so maybe it should say version 3.6?
any who.

it's update time. 3 1/2 years.  here we go!

- is a sausage thief. steals at least one of nick's every morning. if i ask him what he want's for breakfast it's 50%: sausage or cereal. his two favs.
- is obsessed with super heroes. captain america and iron man are his favorites. with green lantern a close third. however, if you ask him what he wants to be for halloween, the answer is 'batman'.
- is still a total love bug. will ask me to snuggle with him on the couch regularly. <3
- can still wear 2t pants. the gut is a bit tight but 3t's are ridiculously long on mr. short stuff. but is wearing 3t shirts with no problem.
- is pretty good with his manners. mostly uses please when asking for something. and will now ask to be excused from the dinner table. {and sometimes he makes us ask him to be excused!} says thank you all the time. even in the wrong context. but hey, he's trying!
- loves fruit. preferably cantaloupe or plums or nectarines.
- corn is his veg of choice. especially on the cob.
- is still obsessed with milk. will usually ask for it right before bedtime.
- if we tell him that he can't do something, his usual reply is... 'okay. maybe tomorrow?'
- is a super helper. likes completing little chores around the house.
- loves playing video games, just like his daddy.
- yells, 'good night. i'll see you in the morning. i love you. you're my best friend and my lovely' every night when we walk out of his room.  {or something pretty close to that string of phrases.}
- has been on a dora kick. i love when he yells map.
- and is a team umizoomi fan. i have no idea where that came from.
- will pick a winning sports team based on uniform colors. he's pretty spot on. even chose notre dame over purdue much to the dismay of his boiler parents.
- is super helpful around the house. will help with picking up his toys and putting things away. knows the routine when we come home every day and will take off his shoes and put them where they belong along with his jacket.
- still a huge, huge fan of baths.
- sleeps from about 8:30 pm to 6:30 am. 
- is still using his favorite baby blankets. especially the frog one. the bumble bee one is a close second. 

i know this blog is heavy on ben pictures. so i'll limit myself to a few.

some that i snapped just last night. pardon the naked-ness. but that's totally benjamin right now, so naked pictures it is. ;)

his 'cheesy' face.

and 'angry' face.

his 'scary' face. 

happy half birthday sweet boy.
momma and daddy love you more than words. you make us laugh every day and we cannot imagine our lives without you.


Carrie said...

He's getting so big, and is adorable. Love your Ben updates :)

Kache said...

It's like he's a mini person.
I like his angry face.