wip 5.14.11

gosh, this was not even two weeks ago and i can hardly remember what we did. sad.

i went to work. the three of us took a trip to target. and it was pressner family night.

i think the highlight of the day was ben eating whip cream courtesy of gibi and jerbear. ;)

miss gabby's second birthday party.
we chilled for most of the day. and then headed out.
i think this entire post is going to be food related. the only pictures worth sharing are ben enjoying his frosting...

not sure what we did in the evening. maybe a movie. maybe i can't remember. actually, i think nick might have gone to bed at like 8! but i could be wrong. my memory sucks right now. might need to start taking notes on my phone...

was supposed to get up and get some gardening done. but the weather was awful. so we grabbed breakfast and still went shopping for plants. i just didn't get to plant them.
ben loved the fishies in the aquarium at the restaurant. makes me almost want to get him a fish. almost.

then it was just a lazy day, inside enjoying each other's companies! ;-)

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