wip 4.23.11

ben's first time at tyler's tender. met up with john and the girls, and mike and raymond. ben was in heaven. he loves trains. he didn't want to ride the big one though. he was totally content to just watch. however, after being there for a while and seeing that everyone else survived, he was in!

playing with the giant train set.

crammed in the train with all of his friends. {plus one stranger kid. but hey, the more the merrier, right?}

his face cracks me up in the first one!

then we came back to the house with mike and raymond and make some jelly bean candy bark and played.

easter #1. ;)
headed to my aunt and uncles.

ben enjoying some olives.

and playing with the new train set that matthew was generous enough to share with him.

he found a peep!

snuggling on the chair with momma. <3

family photo.

we headed home and nick went out and played beer pong with the boys. i enjoyed a nice, relaxing evening in after beaner was asleep!

easter #2.

ben and his easter loot. notice the first egg in his hand. it's a basketball. the bunny went with sports themed eggs this year. ;-)

i spy an easter egg!

ben and his eggs. 

checking out the loot.

that afternoon we headed to nick's mom's for dinner.

ben loves aunt michelle's sweet tea. he always steals her drink.

gigi put edible easter grass in the baskets. ben enjoyed his.

ben and megan. he loves her. even if the picture might show otherwise.

the bunny did an awesome job hiding eggs at gigi's. 

ben loved finding the eggs. he was so damn cute. can't stand it!

family photo. however, ben was more interested in all those eggs in his basket.

he loves balloons.
punching balloons are way more fun!

group shot of the cousins. who were bribed with cookies. 

the grown ups: michelle, nick and myself ventured out to the beach.
holy heck the water was chilly.
so pretty though.

what we saw when we first stepped onto the beach.

 a closer look at the beautiful driftwood.

one nick snapped of me. i'm sure i'm looking for beach glass. i love that stuff! totally reminds me of being little and my grandma taking me to the beach to look for some....

love him.

can you see the city? hi chicago!

it's still there. not as visible. but a prettier landscape shot...

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