bean's park

holy cow.
that was one big project.
so thankful that my hubs was so wonderful in doing all of the hard work. and to my father-in-law for helping him with installation once it finally arrived.

here's the before.

and then the during:
nick ripped up all the sod...

and here's the sod. about 600-700 sq. feet of it.

and the crazy people who tried to fit it all in a little uhaul...

then nick found some time to put down the weed mat. no pictures of that actually in process.

and the boys surveying the land once the playground arrived.


ben supervising. ;)

the roof was tricky...

from a different perspective.

and while all of that was going on in the backyard, this is what the driveway looked like. 3 giant bags of rubber mulch. 6 tons in all!

this one just makes me smile!

almost done. ben just couldn't wait. he loves those swings.

and some swing time with daddio.


same day...  new outfit. we are now ready for company and the boys are trying so hard to finish!
ben's first time taking the stairs to ride the slide.

i think he's excited!

 um, can i really go down the slide?!


beans and momma.

thought he should go down in a different position. 

and the finished product!

the swingset was delivered wednesday afternoon. it was mostly finished by saturday afternoon. the boys worked on it wednesday and thursday evening for about 4 hours each night. and friday evening until saturday morning. they were out there until 2 am! work resumed a little after 10 and were done by 4.

a long few days. but ben enjoys it more than we could have imagined. every day he asks to go outside to play on it!

and for those of you who made it through this whole post... thanks! ;-)

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Carrie said...

I want to come back as a child at your house :)

The boys did an awesome job!