wip 4.30.11

no real share-worthy pics...
chilled at home with the wee man.
in the evening nick and i headed to dinner with john and bill. was my first time at anthony's. i'm a fan.

grabbed breakfast at the scrambled diner. ;) so thankful there wasn't a crazy wait like there usually is. even the waitress commented that normally there is an hour wait... we waited like 5 minutes! maybe it was because it was so nice outside.

despite the picture... ben does enjoy lemons!

our tasty breakfast. nick had a ribeye sandwich that he said was delicious. 

that evening we headed to lighthouse with tim and jen. so good.
sheesh. this was a foodie weekend!

did some yard work around the house. well, mostly nick did. i was cold so ben and i didn't stay out too long.

ben tried on my gardening gloves...

and ben was a super helper. we made banana bread. {which i have no pictures of.}

then he helped nick take out the garbage.

and he helped us when we were figuring out where his new play area would go. 

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