ten on tuesday... 5.3.11

- i love it when i tell ben goodbye in the morning and give him a kiss and tell him that i love him, he says, 'daddy' and points. he wants me to give nick a goodbye kiss. usually, after we kiss. ben instructs us, 'group hug.' so precious.
- today i experienced a first in my nursing career. i was asked by a patient, if i would marry him!
- i cannot get enough of this sunlight. makes me a happy girl. ;)
- i took a reusable bag into walgreens last night. the cashier told me she looked everywhere and couldn't find a price tag. had to tell her i brought my own and if she looked everywhere, don't you think the bed, bath, and beyond printed on the bottom of the bag would have tipped her off?
- i dislike mean people. and selfish ones. just saying.
- a new fun app that i'm enjoying: gas buddy. if you consider shopping for gas fun...
- ben's obsesson with balls. is out of control. seriously. my family room is overtaken by all sorts: basket, soccer, base, foot, bouncy, golf. it's ridic.
- painted my toenails electric blue last night. thanks aunt michelle!
- the swing set project is started! nick stayed home today and did lots of yard work for it. his exact text to me... 'omg. this is back-breaking. a 3 ft roll of sod {4.8 sq ft} at 2.5 inches deep, weighs about 60-70 pounds. i'm doing 680 sq ft so around 4 tons. i'm going to die.' and fyi. he didn't. he's alive and super sore!
- found this app. might be able to upload some videos a bit easier to this blog from my phone! yay.

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