ten on tuesday. 5.10.11

- just curious as to who names slot machines? because does kitty glitter really sound all that gamble-y.
- had a hat trick of 911 calls last week. was a crazy ass day. the paramedics asked when we closed after the third one!
- nick taught me a word last week. {he's a complete smarty pants} portmanteau. i combine and make up my own words all the time sometimes it's intentional and sometimes not so much. last week i used catray {cat scan and xray} and hallucional {hallucinating and delusional}. both were unintentional. my favorite one of all time... ginormous. ;)
- watched inception. good movie. had to stay awake because you had to think the entire time!
- finally learned how to use my sewing machine friday and it was awesome. trying to pick an easy project to tackle first...
- got a picnic table at work. i know, it may not sound that exciting but it totally is! somewhere to sit when escaping from the crazy reps!
- these are delicious. yum. i can't stop snacking on them.
- ben's swingset is officially ordered. yay on finally deciding on one. it's always kinda funny the way things work out...
- summer bowling started tonight. scored me some super cute bowling shoes with my mother's day money {thanks mom!} and i bowled a 160 one game! {the other two were like 120s, so not too shabby!}
- doing the garden this weekend. i hope... so excited. ;)

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psucolleen said...

I love portmanteau!! :0) It's so YOU.