dear iphoto,

i love you.
i have no idea why i waited so darn long before i gave you a chance.
i'm sorry. you have won me over. i will never go back. okay, just to back up some pics... but editing and posting will always be from your services.
thank you for making my life that much easier. ;o)

i am now a true mac convert. my next step is to figure out photoshop on a mac. iphoto is awesome. the editing is uber easy as well as the uploading. and it even lets you share with facebook with one click of the mouse. how easy is that?
the only thing i have to figure out with postings is uploading multiple pics to blogger {here} at different times. i feel a bit blonde when it comes to that!

if anyone out there is considering a mac... do it!

fun photo post soon!!

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psucolleen said...

I've considering converting but most likely won't. I'm a creature of habit. :oP HOWEVER.... the iPhoto stuff has had me intrigued for awhile now and if anything was going to convert me, it's that! Glad you're enjoying it!