first mother's day.

for someone who never really thought about being a mom, i guess that's quite a biggie!
had weekend long festivities.

saturday i celebrated with my family after attending a bridal shower for a coworker. had a nice time visiting with the family. was exhausted by the end of the day though. that's a lot of activity for someone who has sat on her ass at home for the past six weeks!

here's a picture of me and my wee man. ignore the ginormous shirt and sagging neck line. didn't realize what size it was. had it in the wrong section of the closet. just knew i wanted mr. ben in his giraffe outfit from his great auntie lois. ;o)

picture of the ladies and wee man. my aunt, grandma, me, ben, and my mom...

and then all the boys. dad, nick, wee man, and uncle kevin.

sunday was another busy day. thankfully, nick let me sleep in a bit. was nice. but i think he would do that any day... didn't have to be mom's day. ;o)
after sleeping in we celebrated with his mom's side. drove out to ogden dunes. traffic sucked. took us an hour to go like 8 miles. then we got stuck in traffic on 94. yuck. were an hour late.
so stunk because we had a wake to attend before 5. nick ate the first pasta salad he has liked, ever! had to get the recipe from his nana. and his mom made some tasty tacos.
made it to the wake on time. had to haul butt home. mister was going to break down. it had been like 4+ hours since he had eaten. was proud of him for not having a meltdown at the wake! would have been so embarassed.
came home and had dinner with his dad, michelle, and bri. they watched space chimps. i passed out. hear the movie wasn't very good. so i didn't miss much.
no pics from these festivities. nick snapped some but none of the whole family...

oh. almost forgot my gifts. got these beauties from the bean. hoping the lilies open up soon! the irises are gorgeous.

and the hubs. he's going to upgrade my diamond earings. yay! such a sweetie.
overall, had a pretty great weekend. ;o)


psucolleen said...

what a busy, great 1st mother's day you had! Sounds like you have quite a happy, content cooperative little fella there. :) Awesome present from Nick!

Carrie said...

What a great first Mother's Day!! Ben sounds like such a laid back little guy, awesome!

Liz said...

Happy first Mother's Day! Sounds like you were too busy celebrating to enjoy it! ;) Love the flowers and wtg Nick on the great gift!

Anonymous said...

finally checking in to see how your little man is growing and to wish you a happy new Mom's day! Thanks for remembering me with that precious birth announcement too! Sounds like you're getting into a routine too- that's great! good luck with it and enjoy!


Brandy said...

happy first mother's day, he's looking good! i love the idea of babies being taken care of by pets, you should take advantage of that