i knew when i got pregnant that once bean arrived, i would never sleep the same again. and i love me some sleep...
heck, i didn't sleep the same once i was pregnant. i think i forgot what 'normal' sleep felt like!
what i didn't realize was that i would only be able to sleep on my back once baby arrived. why? because they recommend not sleeping on your sides to prevent clogged ducts. i've experienced them and don't want to again. so i'm trying to avoid sleeping on my sides at all costs. yes, i do migrate that way in the middle of the night. but i don't start out that way.
then there's the sleeping on the stomach issue. i cannot tell you how much i was looking forward to this post delivery. ha. sore boobs do not allow for this position. bummer.
oh and sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time would be fantastic. these short spurts just seem like i'm napping twice at night. have to thank the hubby for allowing me a three hour nap yesterday. {during the day!}
i know one day i'll get a good night's sleep. hoping i never take one of those for granted again!

oh and i know you come here for baby pictures... trying to get you cute baby video. one way or the other... they're coming. someday! ;o)

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Heather said...

Brent told me I got a mom haircut after cam was born too. I keep trying to grow it long, and always give up and chop it again. Walks like a duck...
know all about the sleep, annd you made me laugh about the sore boobs. ugh- gave me flashbacks!