benny pics.

i figure lots of my family is here for baby pics and i have been slacking. so for your viewing pleasure...

naked baby chilling on his changing table. his eyes are still blue. they just look brown. and i love his crazy baby fly away hair!

a comparison shot of him on the table. i think there was one earlier. i don't remember!!

a smile when he was sleeping. so sweet.

happy baby to meltdown baby in a matter of seconds...

his new 'thing' is to grab onto our fingers when we're feeding him. too cute.

he also likes to fall asleep while being burped. oh and he's quite the drool monster as of late. ignore nick's face. just showed the drool so much better. ;o)


Carrie said...

What a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

oh he's gorgeous Shannon..drool and all :-) - hera