kevin graduated!

my lil bro is an official college grad. so cool. makes me feel that much older though!

went to the ceremony. nick stayed home and babysat. surprisingly, the ceremony only took about two hours. and the lame part... they were not allowed to shake hands when they got their diplomas. only 'fist bumps' or a tilt of the graduation hat. why? freaking swine flu. how stupid!
so it was a joke all evening. uncle kevin and ben even bumped fists...

yeah, i know. ben's thrilled! ;o)

picture of wee man and his momma before i left for the ceremony. nick dressed him in the cutest outfit {courtesy of his mom when ben was born}. the little ears on the hoodie are the best part. but i love me some hoodies.

random sleeping baby picture.

he's fighting naps more and more. apparently, my husband wasn't a fan of sleep. so i blame him. it could be worse. at least because he's up more during the day, he is sleeping better at night. he's at about 4-5 hours for the first part and then 3-4 for the second. his night time schedule is feeding and to bed around 8. he then gets up between 12-1. and then again around 4-5. he goes back down and i wake him up when nick gets up... so he's doing pretty good. have his 2 month check up next friday. will do a big boy post on sunday his actual 2 mo. birthday... just might have to go back and add his stats!


Carrie said...

What a cutie! Love the fist bump picture.

Kache said...

Ba ha, fist bumps