dudes. what is up with that episode?!

spoiler alert...

i so didn't see the george twist coming. the izzy one i kinda had a feeling. especially when they kept making a big deal of her creatinine and dnr status. and i totally called owen being at his mom's. nick on the other hand knew exactly what cristina was going to do. he told me seconds before she did it... he's good.
love lexi and mark. they are just too cute. and i thought bailey rocked in this episode. her excitement with davinci and the light sabre noises. then the sadness of tucker's ultimatum. and i'm diggin arizona's character more and more. the line, 'i grew up with the name arizona. i know how to fight on the playground.' awesome! and i can totally relate to her crying when she's mad. i'm an easy crier and it frustrates me. sometimes i'll even warn someone when it's coming...
anywho. such a good episode. anxiously awaiting september... i cannot imagine both of them being killed in one episode. oy!!

oh and i'm anxiously awaiting the update here.


psucolleen said...

I knew Owen was at his mom's and that it was George at the recruitment center; saw that one coming... so very Silence of the Lambs editing!

And I figured Izzy was going to crash somehow. Was glad the memory thing worked out before she did though.

And Bailey! WOW that was a great episode for her. I love Lexi & Mark, too! I think they need a nickname... Marxi. Ha. (Or maybe I'm late to that game?)

But the George twist!?! Holy cow; never saw that coming. I love being surprised and that was an fantastic one. I was wondering if you and/or Nick figured it out!

KJ said...

Ummmm....WOWZA! Did they die, are they going to come back!? So many question I need answered!!! Totally didn't see that it was George!

BTW, I left you an award on my blog! :)