i got nothing.

seems like it's the same ole same ole around here.
i'm sure it really isn't. it just seems that way. feeling a little trapped at home. i know i'm not. but the weather has been so hit or miss that it just seems easier to stay in. venturing out thursday for sure. first time by myself... well, just me and my wee man. ;o)

got a hair cut saturday. nick told me i got a mom hair cut. jerkface! prior to the haircut he told me i was a milf, so he said it was okay to joke about it. thinking about coloring it again. maybe next time...

took mr. ben out to dinner last night. he did great. a little fussy when we first got there. then he chilled. so proud. i think it might have helped that he didn't have to stay in the car seat. there were holding volunteers. so cute that they volunteer to give up their dinner so we can eat and baby can be happy.

miss braiden got to finally play with baby benji. she was so cute. a bit miffed that they didn't have matching blankets when nick swaddled ben. thinking might have to hook jas and chris up with matching baby blankets when their new addition arrives! i hear bolt was a good movie... i saw it as my opportunity to take an hour and a half nap.

hit a wine tasting too. found some yummy new wines. and an awesome gift for a blog reader. so that has to stay quite until they get it. and all you lurkers should really say hello.

baby announcements are out. yippee. will post them here along with a link to his baby photo shoot soon. don't want to do it too soon and have people miss out in seeing them in person first. you international peeps, might just seem them here first.

benny boo boo is an inferno. no wonder i was hot all the time when i was pregnant. little guy is on fire. nick's dad said that he was like that as a child too... could be bad for our air conditioner this summer!

hmm. i think that is all the randomness i have right now.
oh yeah, benjamin gave us his first 'real' smile the other day. so cute. actually got some eye squintiness. not just random gas smiles. ;o)


Carrie said...

Glad to hear all is well. By now, you don't remember what life was like before Benjamin.

Looking forward to seeing pictures and the annoucements :)

Enjoy your solo adventure on Thursday!

Susan said...


Liz said...

Doesn't sound like nothing to me! Loved this update just as much as the last ones...

I love the first smile... there's something really special about it!

I'm lol'ing at Susan!

Alison said...

Loving your updates - that first smile makes all the loss of sleep worth it : )!

I got the announcement, thank you - adorable - those cheeks !! Super cute pic !

Hope the weather picks up so you can get out more !