wip 6.29.13


lazy day. slept in. that hadn't happened in quite some time. did some stuff around the house and spoke with the insurance company about my upcoming hospital stay. ran a bunch of errands. grabbed a quick pedi. saw a nasty incident while there and can say i will not be returning to that one! ew.

went to a bbq at ben's daycare. he had an epic meltdown when we asked him to leave the bouncy house to eat some dinner. 

so nick and i finished our food and left. so much for socializing!


some learning time with breakfast. gotta love abc mouse.


i napped while nick and ben ran out. we then dropped ben off at gibi and jerbear's. i went to joann's while nick had to work. {had hoped to make some burp clothes before baby arrived... yeah, that didn't happen.}

got a call while at joann's. apparently, john and bill ran into ben with gibi and jerbear at the graduation party! i swear, those guys are always bumping into each other!

came home and worked on some binky clips. trying to figure out the velcro situation...

decided last minute to go to dinner with john, bill, and dan. then we went and saw fast and furious six. i haven't seen the last five, oh well!

picked up ben early. headed out to lemon lake to frisbee golf with the coopers. ;)

the kids tried for the first hole. then they just followed along and would occasionally putt. i was just a spectator this time. 

peek a boo!

had to pay extra attention before throwing a disc, the kids just walked in front of you with no warning. luckily, there were no incidents!

tantrum face. i have no clue what this is over... maybe it was just because he is four?


cool artwork. not sure if it was graffiti or intentional!

giving daddy pointers. 

helping find lost frisbees.

climbing trees. 

 i found a walking stick. {since i'm still supposed to be taking it easy...} the kids then each wanted one.

ahhh, benches made me happy.

riding his stick a la harry potter.

the kids and i headed over to the playground to give them and me a break. jay, chris, and nick played a few holes without us. 

that kid cannot slide sitting up. we need to start an ab boot camp for him or something.

 follow the leader.


 joining up again.

the snacks continued. 

a tricky hole. lots to traverse. 

love trees. last time i was there was fall and the leaves had turned and were falling. looks so much different now!

playing it where it lies. 

ben telling us where to go. he's a fan of maps.

love that he's actually using the stick and it's not just a sword. 

he shoots. he scores!

nice form, sir!

love them all scattered throughout the hillside.

little miss bookworm. took a time out with me. i thought she should sit in the tree while reading. ;)


he was exhausted. 

was a long morning. we were all hungry bears. headed out to linner.
i got breakfast... and we tried some deep fried bacon. yum!

came home and were a bunch of lazy bums!

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