wip 6.23.13

this week was special. i'm starting with thursday. ;)

couldn't take the crazy shooting pains that i was experiencing at work. called my doctor's office and they told me to walk on over.
after being checked out and being told just to go home and rest, the doc ordered a non stress test. she's quite the cautious one...

after about 45 minutes. it was determined that i was having contractions. more than they would have liked. that i was so busy at work that i wasn't paying attention to them. or drinking enough or taking enough potty breaks. so home i went. and i napped. and it felt good. and i felt better. although, i felt super guilty for leaving work so short staffed. stupid work ethic!

that evening, nick lugged up some baby stuff. we did lots of washing and sorting and purging.

ben thought he should eat dinner in the car seat.  couldn't have been very comfortable without the padding. and the silly kid insisted that he be buckled in!

someone woke up with spots. nick swore it was chicken pox. i had my doubts, especially with the shot and the booster. we sent him to school and i called the pediatrican's office, got an appointment and took him in just to be safe. so much for bed rest!

we were whisked to a private room just in case he did have the pox!

new room! time to take the top off so the doc could see what we were dealing with. saw a new member of the group. eh. i missed our regular doctor. why did he have to go on vacation!? 

after much thought, the doc said he thought it was because he was such a sweaty little guy. that they were clogged hair follicles. that normally he would prescribe a topical antibiotic but since there were so many, he would suggest an oral one for ten days.

left the office and came out to crazy storms. had no idea that one headed our way. was kind of shocked when the power went out during our appointment.

went to make lunch for us and found this on the coffee maker. poor nick. he really needed it and forgot it!

nap time with my wee man.
cracks me up that he got all turned around and decided i should be his foot rest. 

my mom came over that evening so we could put our 'new to us' car seats in her car. 
while nick installed the car seat, ben and grandma played swords. ;)

wanted to play marbles. he did a good job of trying to put them together by himself. he would get a bit frustrated but not bad for a four year old. love his look of concentration and that tongue hanging out!

i could not sleep. tackled baby girl's closet. what else would i do at 2 am?

yes my kid is wearing the same clothes. pretty sure he had a tantrum and was put to bed early, in his clothes.

morning snuggles on the couch... watching octonauts, i'm sure.

playing swords with daddy.

time for braiden's birthday party!

i spy a benjmain. there is a squirt gun under there... that's why he's hiding!

totally wasn't my intention to catch nick mid dive. just got lucky, i guess.

there were lots of squirt gun fights.

ben is fearless and nick encourages it. i can't figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

two cute kids sharing a raft.

squirt gun fun has moved to the stairs.

the boys playing horse.

ben sabotaging nick's shot.

ben requested more underwater photos.

ready for cake.

super windy. the boys were trying to figure out how to keep the candles lit.

he approved of the cake. then instead of a second helping asked for fruit! ;)

frisbee golf fun. jason's is just a bit more life sized than nick's father's day gift!


nick ended up leaving and going to work. time for sliding!

mom, do we really have to take a picture? i'm swimming....


now let's go down the slide and land in the inner tube.

i haven't laughed so hard in quite some time. wynnie straddled it every time. and ben, well, he was just so not graceful. sorry kid. that comes from your mom.

lazy man's squirt gun fight. lounging on a raft.

and more slides and inner tubes. maybe the kids knew how much it made christy and i laugh!

we were finally water logged and headed home. i enjoyed a nice evening lounging in our bed watching tv with my favorite short boy.

we were all up early. nick made a dunkin donuts run! we decided to try to squeeze in monster's university. nick got a work call on the way out the door, so we went to the movie and then headed to his office. 

ben did not want to give up his ticket. so cute. he held it the entire show.

be and i hung out in the car.

then it was time for our first birthday party of the day.

had heard about monica's stenciled wall. the picture does NOT do it justice. it is amazing. if only i had the patience to do that in my home. oh well, i'm going to have to hire her!

ben was passed out in the car, so nick hung out there with him.

loved that someone had an entire box of tortilla chips. yes, her husband works for a chip company but still...

someone was awake. headed out to the bounce house with all the other kids.

didn't get to stay too long. had to head to braiden's party. nick really wanted ben to go so he could try out some gymnastics. there is a class offered at his preschool/daycare. have been debating signing him up for some time. this was the perfect opportunity to see if he liked it.

i swear, ben and jason did not coordinate their outfits. ;)

with the birthday girl.
{ignore christy's hands. nick was silly. but hey, at least he took pictures for me!}

time for fun!

love that he's the only boy.

nick and i were feeling lazy. decided on langel's for dinner. those poppers were so good. hadn't had them in ages. yum. kind of drooling just typing about them right now!

was a pretty busy weekend for someone who was supposed to be taking it easy... kind of makes me want winter to get here in hopes that our schedule dies down a bit!

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