ten on tuesday 8.13.13

- someone is one month old today and i haven't shared a picture of her here. tsk. tsk.

- ben kept using the word surprivaty yesterday? is that a private surprise? i have no clue where that came from.

- trying to find time to watch sytycd this season. ben always comments on how pretty malice is and calls cat deely, cat diggity.

- melia {as ben calls her} is awesome. such a low key baby. only cries when she is hungry. hoping she stays that way. please, no colic.

- am super anxious to be released by my doctor. two more weeks. i'm itching to clean and exercise. what is wrong with me?!?!

- have gone through most maternity stuff and put it in a garage sale pile. {yay val!}hoping to tackle my closet soon. i'm in need of a major purging. the scrap room is next! i have a month left of maternity leave... think i can do it?

- i love steve carell. despicable me. crazy, stupid, love. 40 year old virgin. all on the current watch list. i mean, there are only so many daytime tv shows that start with 'the' that i can handle.

- i also love random texts from friends with pharmacology quizes to keep my mind fresh! :)

- have become a night owl again. i cannot go to bed before midnight. even if amelia is sleeping at like 9. i wait up. it's awful. must break this habit soon. i'll never function at work if this continues. maybe she'll be super awesome baby and sleep through the night in like 3 weeks.

- thinking i might want to try a moscow mule... have a girl's date this week. maybe i'll take all the fixings and some really unhealthy pinterest recipe.... hmmm....

- and a bonus one: it feels good to be typing on here again! :)

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