wip 713.13

ordered a few things from peapod. slept in a bit after the boys left. for the first time ever, they delivered outside of the delivery window. figures! the one day i have to meet someone... oh well. tis life. 

sat around and decided to tackle coupons. haven't done it in ages.

reviewed my hospital paperwork.

finally got out and met my mom at kohl's as planned
was obsessed with this chappy stand! love eos.

finished a few errands on the way back home. needed some baby necessities: diapers, wipes, desitin.

decided to go to my parent's to enjoy the pool that evening. there was the problem of a missing deck key... couldn't find it anywhere! nick convinced me to climb my 38+ week pregnant self onto the deck. so i did. and we enjoyed the pool.

someone wanted to pee on the tree... why not?

and checking out the hot pool, ben's favorite.

came home and nick had to go to work, again! so it was me and the wee man. we enjoyed some lazy time on the couch. he asked me to take our picture. love it when he does that.

got up to bed and was texting girlfriends and watching tv. finally turned off the tv and tried to go to bed about midnight... but then i noticed some possible contractions. and that's where i'll end it. to be continued on amelia's birth story post! ;)

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