ten on tuesday. 8.27.13

- meant to work on the hella fourth of july wip post yesterday, but i attacked my closet instead. {2 giant bags for goodwill! and that was just stuff i knew i didn't want. will go back through for ill fitting items in a bit. it's only been 6 weeks since baby, can't get too crazy!} yay for retired mom's wanting to watch miss melia for a few hours during the day so i can get stuff done before i go back to work.

- it's official. i go back to work 9.9. i'm excited yet sad.

- rode my bike this evening. 5+ miles in 35 minutes. i was impressed since it had been forever.

- i forgot how bad hybrid cars are when you have a baby. she wakes up every time the engine turns off and the battery kicks in.

- ben told nick he wanted some monsterella cheese. so cute.

- had a fly in the house and ben said, 'i'll get a tissue so you can get it momma.' explained to him that flies are tricky to catch, so he walked over to chewy and said, 'kitty. can you catch that fly for me?'

- so close to having chewbacca shaved. i cannot handle all this fur!

- started watching the league. thanks raquel! getting ready for my ff draft! i think nick is going to be in two leagues again this year. his draft is this weekend for the one and i don't think he's done any research.

- finally signed up for amazon mom again. subscribe and saved diapers, formula, and wipes. saved over 20% and i didn't have to go to the store. awesome!

- my mom comes back tomorrow. trying to figure out what project i want to tackle. i have two... maybe i'll be super productive and get both done... a girl can dream, right?

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