ten on tuesday 10.8.13

- started christmas shopping this weekend!

- love how ben says nothing. nuf-fing.

- melie was freaking out in the car. nick jokingly turned up the song on the radio, clarity, and shockingly she quieted down. she must have her dad's taste in music.

- ben watched me play candy crush a few times. one day he said, 'mom are you ever gonna beat that level!?'

- love that i can get a cut and color in my own home. is that super lazy to admit?

- don jon tomorrow!

- consistently clocking 7000+ steps on fit bit. weekends are my nemesis. well, at least one day out of the weekend. i get to rest one day, right?!

- i love fall.

- thinking it's going to be a bad blogging week. we shall see. my dreams of catching up on weekend posts are dwindling.

- ben is turning into such a big boy. he now asks to shower in the morning before school. sigh.

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