ten on tuesday 7.9.13

- baby bug's arrival countdown has entered single digits. zomg! i'm kinda going to start freaking out now.

- in all honesty, i'm more excited than freaked. especially since summer has finally decided to join us and i am hot!

- stumbled across this show yesterday. ben was obsessed. wanted me to fast forward through the commercials. love that we don't watch much live tv! kept asking what the name was... didn't want to tell him and have him go to school and tell them he watched 'oh shit' instead of 'oh sit' last night!

- wendy's has a new pretzel bacon burger. was pretty tasty. everything is better with pretzel bun/bread, right?

- have my pedicure and prenatal massage all set up for this weekend and next week. hoping she cooperates and i get to enjoy both before her arrival.

- two more days of work! looking forward to two days of maternity leave before baby bug arrives.

- excited about exercising. what is wrong with me?! clearly, being pregnant in this weather has messed with my mind. {also the bed rest in the beginning really limited what i could do the entire time.} so ready to be active.

- i ate an entire box of cereal in about a week. i could go years without cereal. refusing to buy another box. not sure it was the healthiest option! :)

- loving that ben is such a helper. hoping it stays that way in a week or two!

- cannot wait to see turbo. thinking that will be an august outing since it releases on baby's eviction date!

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Carrie said...

Good luck with baby bug's delivery, and hope all goes well. Reading back on previous posts, sorry to hear that you had a scare with her, glad that all is okay. Anxious to meet this little bean :)