ten on tuesday 7.2.13

- ben recently watched cars 2. it had been ages. he laughed hysterically in some parts and nick and i couldn't help but laugh too.

- the official csection date has been obtained. t minus 2 weeks!

- debating opening an etsy shop... decisions, decisions. nothing like taking on a new endeavor 37+ weeks pregnant!

- hoping to have this blog preloaded with posts before baby... i think i can, i think i can.

- thinking i might make the 3rd and 4th blog holidays this year.

- saw an electrical company that had a pretty witty slogan, 'show us your shorts.'

- totally in love with both of starbucks new summer drinks: peach tea lemonade and orange refresher!

- ben started tumble bears at school. he's a fan. love that they offer extracurricular activities for the littles.

- love still working when i'm this pregnant. my patients are flabbergasted. and i get a kick out of those that i've known forever that will call me fatty to my face. makes me laugh. love that they can have a sense of humor with all they are going through and that they feel comfortable enough with us to do so. and then 5 minutes later, i can have another patient ask when i'm due and i say two weeks and they don't believe me and tell me how good i look. ;)

- on the other hand, it's not okay for your little brother to ask, 'were you this fat with ben?' awesome! ;) i do find it funny. i haven't gained a crazy amount of weight. i'm two weeks away from delivery. what do you expect?

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