at 2 weeks.

mr. ben had his first pediatric appointment.
went well. really liked the office. hadn't done an interview with the doc. he came highly recommended and we couldn't be happier. even got a cute little print out with benjamin's stats on it when we left.

thought i could take his 'zero' photos now since he's basically the same length and weight from birth. at two weeks he weighs 8 pounds 3 ounces. and is still 19 3/4. his head is huge. i forget exactly and am too lazy to walk to the kitchen to get it... but his head is in the 54 percentile. his weight is 38th and length is 19th. aka. mr. big head.
found the onesie stickers at etsy. didn't know she had an actual website. cute, cute, cute!

mr. biggie. not the best position. have a hard time getting him to keep his hands out of his face. he loves pictures. just like momma!

then there's his mr. fussbucket pose...
check the new socks. such a big boy!

and a crying baby one just for krystn. ;o)

and the content baby we know and love...

so at two weeks mr. ben:
-is taking between 3-4 ounces of breast milk every 3-4 hours. last night he slept for about 5 hours. woot!
-has been cleared to take a real bath. his stump fell off about a week ago. but he had a little scab. were waiting for his pedi's okay.
-follows you with his eyes.
-will stick his tongue out, make an 'o' face, and make fishy face sometimes.
-will look for nick and i if he hears our voices while someone else is holding him.
-loves to be swaddled.
-can lift his head a bit. looks like a little old turtle when he does tummy time. {must take picture or video}
-still has dry skin on his hands and feet.
-played video games with daddy for the first time!
-makes the cutest little whiney cry. again must record...
-loves his hands. if they aren't in the mitted onesies they are touching his face or binky or bottle or one another. so cute.

and one more cute picture... thinking i'll do these monthly in addition to the onesie ones to compare his size. this was a quick one snapped on our bed. will work out the logistics for the next one. kinda hard since he doesn't sit well!


Carrie said...

Great pictures, so happy to hear he's doing well! So cute!

Liz said...

awww... unbelievable that he's two weeks already! Thanks for sharing the pictures... they're all fabulous!

Carmen said...

He's beautiful! I can't believe all the blond hair and that he isn't losing it! I also can't believe ha's already two weeks old! It seems like you wait so long for them to come and then they grow so fast!!

Kache said...

Crying baby, that's more like it! ;)
The one next to mr long bear (as I have named him in my head) is my favorite.

Angela said...

Adorable!!! He's so cute, Shannon...congrats!