what did this sleep deprived mamma go and do?
get a cold.
oy. has been not so fabulous.
nick commented last night on the ride home, how i had a sexy phone voice until i coughed and sounded like an 88 year old smoker. nice.
and to top it off... today was nick's first day back to work. so that meant i was on baby duty all night. which equals not so much sleep.
feeling a bit better. hoping a night out with the hubs will help.
a better update coming soon!


Carmen said...

Aw, Shan. I hope it's just allergies and you'll get a nap when Nick gets home. Date night? Woot! enjoy!!

Carrie said...

Enjoy your date night!! And hope you're feeling better soon.

Kache said...

I didn't realize I could send a cold through the computer, sorry about that.
Hope it goes away soon!

psucolleen said...

oh no! that stinks! I hope it's a quicky cold; GET SLEEP... let everything non-essential go and just get sleep.

Rita said...

Hi Shannon! I just spent some time catching up on your blog and read all the details of Ben's birth. Congratulations!! He's adorable and you sound like you guys are doing great...besides the cold that is. Thanks for sharing the story and all the pictures.