ten on tuesday 11.26.13

- i am not a fan of 'vanilla heat' coffee creamer. i think it's because i use so much creamer. that heat is totally over powering.

- christmas shopping mostly done! woot. just a few people left and it's mostly gift cards.

- looking forward to a four day weekend with my family. hoping nick doesn't get called out to work too much.

- ben keeps asking about the christmas tree. he says, 'but i miss it.' soon son. soon.

- amelia is now the owner of two new pairs of shoes. {i think they'll have their own post. i think ben's first pair did, so it's only fair.}

- i did it. ordered some essential oils. didn't go too crazy. and didn't go with the super crazy expensive ones. those you can ingest. not sure i'm there yet!

- ichabod crane is hot.

- told ben he was a good big brother. he said, 'no, i'm a small brother.' ;)

- this cannot come out soon enough. hoping i'm not disappointed.

-red velvet coffee from dunkin donuts is delicious!

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